• To contribute to a professional management of Journal of Medical and Surgical Research (JMSR) and other national journals as a Publisher society, and to facilitate exchange among scientists and health care professionals to improve the practice of medicine and biomedical sciences.
  • To contribute to increasing scientific production and publications in all fields of Medical, Surgical and biomedical sciences.
  • Establish a platform for improvement and general organization of Edition and Publishing processes and provide an area for exchange between different editors, publishers and scientists.
  • To contribute to general efforts of specialized institutions and create an appropriate environment for academic formation and training activities with significant impact on Research and Development.
  • To facilitate the exchange of medical information and to support the development of Research in all areas of Health Sciences.
  • To cooperate with institutional partners for promotion of researches on the diagnosis and therapy of the most frequent diseases in Morocco and worldwide.
  • To promote medical education of the general population and healthcare professionals involved in the Health Services.